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Техобслуживание / Maintenance

Посмотрим, как же обслуживают самолёты. В том числе в ангаре.
(special for cherokee63 )


737-500 in a hangar

EI-CDD view from stabilizer height

Another our 737-500

Nose landing gear wheel changing is a good chance to do a wiring insulation repair

OK, now let's have a look on Soviet made aircraft

This Tu-134 is prepared to be written-off due to big age and probably big fuel consumption too.

Tu-134 radar antenna

Tu-134 is preparing for landing gears operational test after a hard landing

Two years old photo of the Tu-154M hangar maintenance

Tu-154 on jacks

Monkey business
("monkeys" is the nickname for avionics in Russian aviation and as you can see it is very truly :) )

Near hangar maintenance

And two photos not about maintenance only

Hangar cat and hangar mouse

White night's beautiful sky
(outside the hangars, of course :) )

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